1. No fewer than 5 persons must work each panel. This is to give cover for any members who find they cannot (for whatever reason) work on the panel.
  2. On our receiving your completed form we will send a list of events that has taken place in that year. Most of these events should be included in your design, as well as items you feel should be included, i.e. local historical events. All items should be given a title unless it is obvious or for decorative purposes.
  3. All embroidery wools, silks, beads, metallic threads etc. may be used with the exception of pure silk which should be used very sparingly as this can deteriorate in a short time. Fabrics can be appliquéd onto the panel or embroidered first.
  4. You may not use any form of glue or paint on the panel. You may use transfers or a fabric pencil.
  5. When you receive your fabric you will be told the colours to be worked on the borders and the oval frame. It is the aim of these colours to create a rainbow effect throughout the project. The colour numbers will relate to Anchor threads. You will be advised of these with your panel.
  6. All panels to be completed as soon as possible. The sooner the project is finished the sooner it will make money for our charity.
  7. All participants must have their name, née name, date and town of birth embroidered where indicated on the diagram, even if their input is very small.
  8. Photographs of the work may not be used or the panel exhibited, without the consent of the organisers.
  9. All panels must have the letter “C” enclosed in a circle with Merlin Enterprises Ltd. This indicates the panel is under copyright.
  10. Each group to keep a record of the panel progress. Please include any humorous incidents etc. This may be used to compile a book at a later date.
  11. Please include a "wren" somewhere on your panel. This may be hidden or obvious.

For embroiderers who do not belong to a stitching group or club, you may be able to participate by e-mailing Shirley Caddy.

Her address is . Please let her know the type of embroidery you would like to do i.e. cross stitch etc.

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